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   The Dictionary of Indian Matrimonial

      Merrage Date - 11-07-2015


This article will explain you briefly about the most important things you should consider while creating a good online matrimonial profile. If you are looking for a bride or a groom online then just signing up on online matrimonial sites is not enough. Once you post your profile online then it will compete with thousands of other matrimonial profiles. Whenever you create your online matrimonial profile do consider these things. Just Remember, marriage happens once in a life-time, so represent yourself at your best.

1. RECENT PHOTO: The most significant part of creating a good matrimonial profile is your photo. Many people are very shy about putting their photo online, but the truth is that when there are lacs of other profiles with photos and if you don’t put yours then it is a disadvantage to you. Photo increases responses by 10-15 times. 

2. PROVIDE COMPLETE INFORMATION: Fill all the matrimony related info in your profile. It helps the other member to understand you, your thoughts, your family etc. Many people feel that by specifying everything in the paragraph is good enough, but that's a wrong practice. Those details are hardly read by few people; you still need to follow the formats presented by these sites.

3. WRITE ABOUT YOURSELF: Be elegant about disclosing about yourself. Just give brief information but significant information. Lengthy profile can make your profile boring. Specify your professional and educational background. Write briefly about your family members and how many brothers and sisters you are and the profession of your parents. And most important what are your expectations from your prospective partner.

4. LOGIN REGULARLY: Creating a profile on any matrimonial site is not more than enough; you should also login regularly and show your interest to other members who match your criteria. Instead of waiting for other members to contact you kindly initiate contact from your end.